Posted: November 27, 2009 in House

Well finally its about time i got round to throwing up a progress report on the house.
I know i know been a long time..

Well since the last post a lot has been done. We are so cruising along hell fast with very minimal problems if any at all. Walls were very fast in going up, outer first making the place look hell small. Here we are thinking.. and that’s two rooms there. No way.

But not long after the internals started getting underway, and the house really did start taking shape. And it did another size change on us. It got Bigger.

Well since i was late posting this post i will be adding the next house construction phase. ROOFING.. Yup. Thats right. 2 days after the brickies had finished, packed up n famoused roofing construction got underway. Didnt take them long compared to the house next door. One week just to get the allowed pitch right. Yet we have our roof up in one week – the colourbond though. That only takes one day.

All in all we are extremely happy with the progress. Even in competition with a few nearby houses as to whom shall be finished first. Considering our house if quite large n have had less workers at most times.

More to come.

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The Crib Happenings

Posted: October 20, 2009 in House

Well here I am again to finally start the original idea for my blog.

Our Crib

It has been a long time in the making, and is still getting there.  It has been just under 12 months but we finally got our finance approval. So much paperwork. Need this need that oh wait we still need another of this one.. God damn it was a battle but we got there.

After not getting that house we started looking at maybe building. As at that time the sorta house we we’re after just wasn’t available. So it was decided. Find  a nice sized block and design a house to our liking/standards.  All the while this was going on keystart where still stuffing with our paperwork.

One weekend we went for a cruise to check out some display homes, to get some ideas for homes. Looked through a few different ones but after analysing them we chose Cellabration Homes.  Finding the right block proved to be a bit more challenging at first. Had to be big enough to fit our house plus have room for two lovely Rottweilers and hopefully in the near future a workshop for me.

Well i wont bore you too much with details but we found a block and then chose a house design nice, 4×2 with alfresco, cinema and study. Couple of weeks and lots of pros n cons we had a working house design. Bout two weeks after it was all finalised and it was back to the waiting game with Keystart.

Finally in the end we got the loan for House and Land package and we were set to build..

Waiting game was still not over just yet. Weather was the next  spanner in the works.

But we got there and here’s what we have so far.

More to come.

First Post

Posted: September 23, 2009 in House

Well here goes for a first post.

Not sure where to start but here goes.

Dwellingup 100

Well about two months ago my older brother asked if i wanted to participate in a MTB event, the Dwellingup 100. Having only just taken MTB riding up recently I was dubious to the idea, but there was also the 40km Dwellingup Le Grande’ to which i was to participate in. No way was I doing 100km ride with no prior training. Leave that one all to my bro….<<madman.>>

Come the 18th we were ready to go, car packed, bike ready, supplies in the esky.

Arriving at our small wood lodging  Froggy Creek about mid afternoon we settled in n sat back for a little relaxation before registration.Froggy Creek

Come saturday morning after a nice restful sleep we set off into town for the event.  Arriving at the event station (The Dwellingup Oval) we were greeted by a scene of people gearing up and putting bikes together for the big event. First up where the 100km <<madmen>> riders to the start line.

9:00 arrived and  it was my turn for the 40km ride. We lined up n started two self seeding laps around the local oval then hit the road and headed off downhillRide to the bush track. The real track. I hung back roughly the middle due to not knowing how I would go.

The beginning of the race was fairly uneventful, a few people on the side for minor repairs. Not long down the track we hit the first major hill. Man was there no end in sight. Dont think I saw any riders not pushing their rigs up that hill.  After that was pretty smooth sailing. Due to the recent rain parts of the course had some challenging muddy patches to negotiate as well as the deceptively deep puddles and creek crossings.  Most hills provided us with fantastic panoramic views of the local Nanga Valley and its wonders but was soon swallowed up by next hill climb for mountain goats.

At this time we also found out that there would be an extra 4 kms added to the first loop, meaning the 40 became 44 and the 100 became 104km. This was due to all the extra rain making 1 of the river crossings non negotiable, so we had to go around, no real biggy.

Well after many uphill stretches and a few downhills I was finally on the home stretch.

Man what a ride it was. Though as much as it hurt I enjoyed myself immensely. Would definitely do it again, maybe even the 100km next year.

Hope to see you all there again next year and if you missed it this year, mark it on the calendar for 2010.